Monday, 8 February 2010

An Introduction..

So let me start with introducing myself to any followers!

I'm Carley, 23years young, from Reading.

That's me, on the left.

I've lived in London for the past 3 years, but have taken the big step to move back home so I can live out one of my dreams. Which is to go travelling!

5 things I like;
+ Baking & eating Cupcakes.
+ Shopping! I have an unhealthy addiction.
+ Drinking tequila.
+ Searching out new music.
+ Facebook stalking (Oh dear.)

5 things I don't like;
- Spiders.
- Having lack of money.
- Being cold.
- How quick it takes me to wear down a pair of shoes!
- How my jewellery turns copper and makes my fingers green.


This is basically a 'travel' blog.
I'll be doing a few posts before I go away, explaining where im going, who with etc.
But mainly it'll be a place to post photographs/tales of my travels, and to let the people I care about know im still alive!

Happy reading!


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